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About us

Paul Machinery is established in 2018 . We are specializing in machine manufacturing for the jewellery, dental, optical, and industrial sector. Our products are exported and distributed globally .

Paul Machinery

We are the leading supplier of high end steam cleaner for top brands and other products related our symbol is to give a quality steamer and service to our customers ,You can find us in our location in heart of Antwerp Belgium . Paul Machinery manufacturing and distribution, customer service is all located in Belgium in central Europe where we can provide fast and efficient service to all existing and future customers.

Our brand and reputation is well known and stands as a guarantee behind the product line And all the orders can be done by Email we will come back to you with all answers within 24 hours

Our Technical service

We are offering regular service on all our machines  worldwide from our service centre located in Europe Belgium.

The collection is easy and fast provided by our trusted courier service FedEx DHL DPD UPS ets..Service of units carried out with  only original genuine parts in our modern work shop and by our professional qualified technicians. Return time is within 2 working days if close to the neighbor countries and 4-5 working days other countries.

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