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Laser engraving:

Article Number: PM-FL100P

Machine introduction :

Our portable fiber laser marking machine, easy to move equipment, air-cooling, compact machine, Perfect output beam quality, high reliability, no consumables , fiber laser source, long life Working. The international latest, most reliable structure, small size, power consumption is small, no high-voltage without large water-cooled system. Close to the ideal beam, USB interface, output control, optical scanning system, two built-in red-light focus system, laser repetition rate high, high-speed without distortion.

Equipment features :

1.High electro-optic conversion efficiency2.Low power consumption, stability laser output3.High quality beam, consumable free, small machine dimension 4.Smaller output laser beam, finer marking line. Suitable high precision marking
5. Long life, laser generator life over 100,000 hours.
6. Suitable for all metals and most of nonmetals find and smooth marking and engraving.、

Technical parameters:

Model : ST-FL100P (exporting high quality model)
Laser power : 100W

Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser type Optic fiberlaserwith lifetime 100,000 hours
Beam diameter 7mm±1
Repeat frequency 30KHz-60KHz
Pulse width 20-200ns
Engraving depth 0.01-0.5mm(depend on the actual material)
Max.marking/engravingarea 200×200mm
Load the graphic file type PLT, DXF which be created from CoreDraw, AutoCad and the JPG, Vector files.
Rated power consumption 600W
Operating voltage 110V-240V/50-60 Hz/15A
Cooling Air Cooling
Machine packing size 900*450*630mm (L*W*H)
Machine net weight 50Kg
Machinewith wooden boxGross weight 62KG
Package Standard export ply wooden case

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